There are presently no open calls for submissions.

Unlimited is an arts commissioning programme that enables new work by disabled artists to reach UK and international audiences. 

We are currently looking to commission more work from disabled artists and companies.

You can make ONE or TWO separate applications. Each one must be for a seperate project.

Established artists or companies

  • You can apply twice in the same strand (e.g. both for MAIN COMMISSIONS)
  • Or apply once for each strand (e.g one MAIN COMMISSION and one RESEARCH & DEVELOPMENT)
  • At least one of your applications will need to tick one or more Partner Award boxes. 

Emerging artists

  • You can only apply in the EMERGING ARTIST strand
  • You can apply twice providing one of your applications ticks one or more Partner Award boxes

Partner Awards are explained in more detail on our website

Before starting your application using the forms below, please visit our website and carefully read our Guidance and FAQ documents which are available in a range of formats. 

We would encourage you to start the application process as soon as you can, in case of any unforeseen issues which might delay you.

If you experience any access barriers or have any questions, please email info@weareunlimited.org.uk or call 07506 679968.